Leister Hot Air Tools

Silicon Pressure Roller

140.160 40mm and 140.161 28mm Silicone Pressure Rollers are ergonomically designed and provide loads of grip, making it easier to seal welds without the need to exert excessive force. (sold separately)




Scraping Tool

154.259 Scraping Tool is a must for prepping a crack or joint before welding. Features three different sized notches in the blade that are used to remove oxidization on your welding rod before application.



Keeping your welding nozzle clean is a must. Model WB29 Brass Brush makes cleaning nozzles and tips easy. Brush away from you while the nozzle is hot to remove all plastic left on the tool after welding.


Seam Probe

138.314 Leister Seam Probe Tester for single ply roofing or other liner material is essential for testing the weld or seal on a single ply overlap weld. This helps ensure that all welded seams are watertight.



157.544 10" shears cut fabric, coated materials, webbing and keep coming back for more. They are made in Japan using high grade stainless steel with vanadium. These shears can be sharpened repeatedly, giving years of use!


Rotary Burr

106.997 Rotary Burr is used to clean the work area before welding. Used with a high speed drill it can significantly reduce preparation time prior to welding.