This rugged controller is FTM’s 3rd Generation power control. The AEC15 was built from the ground up using the same sophisticated Advanced Electronic Controller;(AEC) technology we use in our AEC120 controller. Using a Digital Micro Processor allows the AEC15 to have OVERLOAD PROTECTION. If the controller senses an amperage overload, it will automatically limit the current flow to 15 amps and warn the operator with an indicator light. The controller also has a LOW VOLTAGE indicator light that warns you if your supply voltage drops below 100 volts. The power control has a rugged ANODIZED ALUMINUM HOUSING with an internal COOLING FAN. This advanced technology, designed for FTM’s equipment, is now user friendly with nichrome wire.

120 Volt Power Control

120 Volt Power Control


Model No. Amps Price
AEC-15 15 (for Free Standing Heaters) $325.00 Currently Unavailable

Unavailable at this time. Please contact us for more information.

  • Micro Processor.
  • Overload Protection.
  • Custom Designed Solid State Circuit Board.
  • Low Voltage Indicator Light.
  • Cooling Fan.
  • Anodized Aluminum Housing.